Pierre Bonnefille

French artist, painter and designer recognized as ‘Maître d’art’ (Master of Art) by the French Ministry of culture in 2010. Born in 1958 in Saint-Quentin, North of France has lived and worked in Paris since 1985. The artist creates his own materials and textures made from natural pigments and metallic powders. The intensity, color and movements of light in Bonnefille's work propose a ceaseless new interpretation of colors and textures, giving his pieces a unique and particular identity. His wall compositions and home pieces have been displayed across the globe including New York, Shanghai and Paris; with commissions from prestige luxury brands including Cartier, Hermès and Loro Piana. LECLAIREUR showcases some of Bonnefille’s most emblematic series: ’Bronze Paintings’, ‘Furoshiki Drawings’ and his home collection ‘Metamophosis’. The ‘Bronze Paintings’ explore metallic textures, yet is far from traditional bronze work. Bronze stretches out in a metallic mesh  revealing moving landscapes, aquatic reflections and silky surfaces that resonate in the light. The ‘Furoshiki Drawings’ capture the three-dimensional Japanese traditional art of wrapping in two-dimensions through carbon and bronze. ‘Metamorphosis’  home collection series pays homage to geometry  and includes items such cabinets and consoles with raw clean edges.